Using Your Old Stash of Scrapbook Supplies

I was first introduced to scrapbooking at a woman’s meeting at church, my daughter Karen was going and asked me to accompany her. If I knew then that I would be so involved with scrapbooking twelve years later would I still have gone? You bet!
Scrapbooking isn’t just creating pages with pretty papers, buttons and ribbon, scrapbooking is a social event too. After that first night, Karen and I found a local scrapbook store and joined in on their scrapbook night. It was $5 per person unless we spent a minimum of five dollars in the store, then it was free. This became a weekly event and my scrapbook stash began to grow. There were so many cute papers and little things called “embellishments” to put on pages it was easy to think, “oh I can use that for…”
I rarely go into a scrapbook store these days. Close to my Heart has made it so much easier to buy things that coordinate, and in much smaller portions. It used to be you bought an entire 100 count package of brads in the color you wanted to match your page, only to have the remainder sit in the drawer unused. That isn’t the case with the current selections Close to my Heart offers. Only Available until August 2015This paper pack comes with the solid cardstock as well as the patterned paper to create a coordinated layout. There is also an offering of matching embellishments both flat and raised depending on your style.Only Available until August 2015
Why am I sharing all this with you, that is easy, and if you have been scrapbooking a long time, you too might have this desire… USE UP THE OLD STUFF! So I am introducing a new meaning to “Throwback Thursdays” it now means create something from the older stash. This may mean re-learning how to do a technique or to use a particular product. You may also decide to start a boOnly Available until August 2015x like I did for a local senior center or charity that helps battered women etc. Just don’t wait too long before delivering the cast offs to that place or you may find yourself second guessing your decisions.
Do you have a stash of older scrapbook supplies you want to use? Leave a comment below and tell me what kinds of things are in that stash and we can come up with ways to create something beautiful with them!

Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Papercraft Instructor