Do You Ever Wish You Could Start Over?

visit http://www.CreativelyCarol.comSo no, my morning didn’t start out with milk and cereal on the floor, but looking at the scrapbook room, my computer and parts of the house not yet the way I want it, I don’t want to stop the merri-go-round, but send it in a whole new direction.  I have never been the most organized person I know, but I am finding as I get older, I want more organization in my life. Maybe it is because there is not as much life left than when I was 20 and didn’t care much about how things were organized or maybe I want to feel more efficient and get more done than I use to. Whatever the reason, I am ready for a change.

I have identified three areas that need major work, and a few that are partly there. The main parts of the house are well on their way. Most of what is in there have designated places and I am being good about not leaving stuff all over. I really want to contain my craft to the craft room, and not have it invade the rest of the house. I usually know that is starting to happen when my husband turns on the TLC Show “Hoarders, Buried Alive”. Do I think he does it on purpose, no, but maybe in his sub-conscience mind he is hinting that it is getting bad in there.

Here are the areas I have identified that I want to get in order.

  1. My Craft Room  – a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Granted that we have only been in the house about 6 weeks, this is a work in progress but I want to be able to put my hand on a “thinking of you” card when someone needs a lift, or a sympathy card if someone looses a dear part of their lives, you get the idea.  I also want to be able to create layouts, and do videos… so just getting the table cleared off is an important step.
  2. My Computers – I have two computers I use regularly; the desktop, the laptop, and about 4 different cloud services. They use to be on different floors and have different objectives, but now they are all jumbled up. I want to know what pictures I have and want to eliminate the duplicates. After all, you can’t scrap what you can’t find. I don’t need 3 different folders for quotes I want to share with you, or cards I want to make.

So I am going to make a plan and spend 30 minutes a day on each subject – minimum, and will share with you as I go; because I don’t believe I can be the only one out in the blogosphere that has this issue. I welcome any suggestions you may have along the way. That said, please leave a comment below and share with us your biggest organizing challenge and if you are completely organized, your best organizing hint.

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