Life is Full of Colors – Bring Some Inside

As I was telling you yesterday, we hired a professional to paint the house and I couldn’t be more pleased with them! Five Star Painting out of Spanish Fork, Utah did an awesome job and even better, the company is nationwide so you can get a great paint job too!   Picking colors for our interior was fun. Gary and I started out picking up paint chip samples at Walmart so I could figure out some idea of what I wanted. Ok, truth be told, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted after watching so many episodes of “Property Brothers”.  The only problem with watching these types of shows, they make it look sooo easy!


HereNew Interior in Soft Grey are a few pictures to show you which way I went.  I determined where I wanted to go, then gave Gary a choice between a couple of colors. This way I got the color I wanted, and he could choose the actual color between the 2-3 I showed him. Now he can’t complain, he picked out the color!  I was determined to go with a soft grey inside. I KNEW I was done with Navajo White and all shades even close. Sorry if this is non politically correct but growing up in the 60-70’s that is what was used. Think of a beige with a brown undertone… at least that is how I remember it.Creating an Accent Wall

I wanted an accent wall in our bedroom for a pop of color and chose this one. I chose one with a bit more blue in it, but Gary really liked this one and it looks fabulous.

Pops of Color

This is the Bold, outside my comfort zone bathroom. I LOVE IT!  This bathroom is the main floor bathroom and situated right next to the craft room, so I thought it deserved some dramatic color.  I can’t wait to incorporate some of the ideas I have see into this space.

So your turn, leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of my new color choices.Creatively Carol Gifts on Etsy