And So Begins Another Move…

If you have beenSpringville Utah Scrapbooking with me for any matter of time since I started this business 10 years ago, then you know how much I dread moving. I have rolled with the moves to this point, after all, Gary can’t help his PTSD, but I have told him I plan to live out our days in this house. No more after this.. We have found the perfect house. First and foremost in my mind is the basement where I will hold scrapbooking, and other papercrafting events. I am even thinking about setting up the rooms downstairs to be suitable for overnight guests in case we want an all night crop!

Along with all this new space, I will have a dedicated craft room upstairs and while this is a happy thought, the re-organization of a new craft room is a daunting task. So once again, we will take on this challenge or organization, and a place for everything, and {gasp} everything in it’s place!

We have decided that instead of my painting everything I would spend the money to have the house professionally painted.  Tomorrow  I will share with you that experience.  For now, I will journal this journey here. You on the other hand want to be signed up to follow me on Twitter at Make it easy, just click on the link. Look for my journaling tweets for questions for your own journal.

Have a wonderful day!

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