What Color Do You Want to See?

Do you wish we had colors like this again?There has been a lot of talk lately from customers that say theyCTMH Slate Circles AlbumCTMH Ruby Red D-Ring or Post Bound Albums want more choices in album covers like we have seen in past years – in the photo to the left. So I ask you, my wonderful readers, Are you happy with the album colors we have now or do youCTMH Lagoon Chevron D-Ring or Post Bound Album
prefer a wider range of colors, and if so, which colors  would you like to see?

If you are new to scrapbooking, you can read more about choosing your album size in this post.

I have posted all the current albums in the individual photos – each with a link to the page it can be ordered on.  I really want to know which one of what we are selling at this time is your favorite and if none appeal to you, tell me what does. It is only by voicing our opinions we can affect change. Please leave a comment below and tell me what YOU think.CTMH Cocoa Damask D-Ring or Post Bound Album

CTMH Black D-Ring Binder Album