There is No Excuse for No Photos Anymore

TMNTAs I sat in church today watching the two little boys playing Ninja Turtles I was taken back 25 years to when my son Gary Jr loved playing with his Ninja Turtles. Whether it was Shredder, MichaelAngelo, Donatello, or the others, they were always guests at our breakfast table.  Who would have thought these little turtle toys were last a second generation? I have no pictures of him playing with them and today I realized it saddens me. You don’t know how good you have it today. We had to decide if the pictures were worth the price of developing and printing, much less know it was not out of focus.

Gary still remembers his beloved Ninja Turtles, wishing he still had them to share with his son. So remember, your cell phone is probably within 4 feet of where ever you are, snap the pictures, store them somewhere, forever, you may want to share those pictures with your grandkids.

Do you have a moment you wish you had a picture to go with it? Share with us below.

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