Are YOU Sheltering in Place?

Free Envelope Mini-Album TutorialWe are all being affected in some way by the current pandemic and if you are “sheltering in place” with the kids at home too,  you will probably be going a bit nuts soon.  This isn’t like vacation time when you can take them to activities or a ballgame What will you do to keep them entertained besides allowing television and video games in between school work? I have a great idea… make this envelope mini-album!  Only instead of calling it “Road Trip” as I did here, you can title it with “What  I did during the pandemic of 2020.  Since so many kids have a cell phone, you can have them each take a picture of something they are doing every day.

My mother doesn’t remember anything like it before.

Here’s the thing…  I was talking to my mother who is 80 and she doesn’t remember anything ever happening like this, and she lived through the polio outbreak ( I remember getting sugar cubes in kindergarten with the vaccine in it).  Documenting now what is happening and what you are doing during it will be treasured in 50 years when you can share it with your great-grandkids. OK, lots of us won’t be sharing “in person” but this little album will be passed down, and this pandemic will make the history books. Imagine someone reading your first-hand account of your living through it.

The album is pretty easy to make, and just takes 4 envelopes, some scrapbook paper, and some thin cardboard for the cover. You can receive the complete tutorial when you sign up for my mailing list!  You will also receive weekly e-mails about tips,  scrapbooking and card sketches and of course, specials too that you won’t want to miss.

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