Are you as sick as I am?

Are you as sick of of this darn pandemic as I am? I am tired of not feeling like I can go anywhere or do anything. Hopefully people will continue to wear masks and physically distance themselves from others. I was glad to see not everything as just stopped however, As I had to detour my trip home because a landscape truck and a suburban couldn’t get along on the corner where I live, I had to go around the block, and passed a park, and about 20 adults in a circle, all 6 feet apart. How wonderful they found a way to feed their mental health by seeing people, without infecting anyone!

Throwback Thursday

I thought for Throwback Thursday, it would be good to look at a scrapbook page that reminds us of the old normal, and one we can hopefully have again soon. Use chipboard on your scrapbook pages for demension  Going back about 25+ years ago in Arkansas when my sister- in- law wanted to pay her friend back for making a fuss about her birthday. Evonne HATES to be the center of any attention, so when it came to returning the favor to her friend Carrie, Evonne called her brother, my husband Gary, begging him to dress up like a sumo wrestler and be there when Carrie came out of work.  What a time this was, everyone was laughing and Carrie didn’t know what to think!

In scrapbooking this page, I had decided to use the circles that were a part of the background paper I had chosen (what the heck was I thinking!) and cut many of the pictures and matted them in circles as well.  While not a page I would have created in this century, it does remind me of how far I have come. Using chipboard to give the page some depth and dimension as well as tying it with ribbon helped with preventing the flat look.

Don’t forget your journaling, people would never understand this story without it. I am sure the kids will groan when they go through the scrapbooks after we are gone and come across this page. I mean they KNOW their pop loved a good joke, but I doubt seeing him in a “sumo diaper” will thrill them.  It was actually underwear covered in a flour cloth dishtowl.  There were even some older ladies trying to get a peek!  I thought Gary would die on the spot. Thank goodness he was a lot faster in those days.

I hope this page has brought a smile to your face during this difficult time. Tomorrow I want to talk a bit about how we document this time in history as well as our lives.