Motivational Monday Sketch for a 4 x 4 Photo

You can add more photos to this layout

Whether your style is a one page layout or a two page layout, you will always find sketches here at Creatively Carol that you can use.  In this layout I have included the picture sizes, and you can add the extra size to the matte as your personal style dictates.  If you like to work with sketches, but prefer to have cutting directions. I would like to suggest “Cherish” by Jeanette Lynton and put out by CLOSE TO MY HEART.  As we start to think about Christmas, This awesome book makes a great gift and is available for just $14.95 in the soft cover form.  This is much better than hardbound because with a spiral edge you can flip the book and only see what you are working on.

Cherish Scrapbooking How to Book by Close to my HeartJust click here to order your copy of this book to order today!

You will be making beautiful scrapbook layouts in just a few minutes!


I offer a monthly drawing when you do the weekly sketch and send me a copy to post for others to derive inspiration. Please send your layouts to 801-597-4896 or

Time to get motivated and do the sketch!

Interesting Facts for Birthday Scrapbook Layouts

Good Morning!  It is Sunday so that means I am working on genealogy today. As I was looking for an obituary I had a great thought…Newspapers are a great source of facts You can get great details about someone’s birthday for your scrapbook layout when you look at old newspapers. Now, I am not talking about sitting in a dusty old attic (this could lead to lots of discovery however) I bought a subscription to to find a relative that I have hit a dead end. In looking at the front page of this newspaper – which in this case is the day the woman died, I discovered that a newspaper in Santa Clara California was just 5¢. You just never know what you will find. I love to look at the old ads. You can find out what the weather was like when you or someone else was born, what day of the week it was and so much more.  You can get the information from your local library archives, or I use so I can look from the comfort of my chair.

If you are interested in genealogy please send me an e-mail and let me know. I would love to assist you any way I can.