Motivational Scrapbook Sketch for Four Photos

Great 2 page scrapbook layout for 4 photosIt’s Motivational Monday! I want to get your week started with a scrapbook sketch for four photos. You can add more since there is room in the sketch.  This sketch allows for flexibility; where your title goes and where your journaling is placed depending on how many photos it takes to tell your story. Just remember you want to balance out both pages. This means don’t add something on one side that doesn’t have something on the other page. It doesn’t have to be the same type of item, but putting something on both sides will give your page an balanced look.

I hope this post helps to get your mojo going.

Send me a picture of your completed scrapbook sketch for four photos or more and I will post it here. I offer a monthly drawing. Everyone who sends me a photo of their scrapbook page is entered to win a free stamp set from me.

Scrapbooking Sequential Photos

Creatively Carol Scrapbooking SketchesHappy Monday!  If you have been following my Facebook page you know my husband and I have been on a cruise to the Panama Canal. I created this sketch while looking over the Atlantic from the top deck. See, I am always thinking of things I can do to help you  in your crafting.

Today’s sketch has 3 – 4″ x 6″ photos and a 6″ x 6″ photo on the right side of this two page layout.  Looking at the sketch now I realize I made the space on the diagram a 6″ x 4″.

This is a great layout if you have a series of photos taken seconds apart showing slight differences then use the right side for your focal picture.

As you know, I favor two page layouts. About nine years ago we had a very large blank wall in the house we had moved to in Arkansas.  I had this great idea to take 9  twelve by twelve frames from Michael’s and put them in a square so I began creating single page layouts of the grand kids. I never got everyone finished before we moved from the house so now I have to go back and create a 2nd page to go with the single layout I created so long ago.  I will take the left side of this sketch and match it with the older layout.  I do have to have the three photos printed but will post the results next week.

Do you favor one or two page layouts? Do these scrapbook sketches help you? Leave me a comment below and tell me your preferences. How would you scrap sequential photos?


A Page Map for a Quick Two Page Layout

This week I have a two page layout for you with a 5″ x 7″ focal picture on the left along with the title of your layout. The patterned paper as a base can serve as your embellishment or you have plenty of room to add some.

On the right I have put three  4″ x 6″ photos and a 4″ x 4″  journaling box. You can put a mat under the photos or just attach directly to the page.

Creatively Carol SketchesNow that you have the sketch, use it to create your own adaptation of the sketch and e-mail it to me with the words “Sketch 20170328  I would like to post the layouts so others can see different ways to interpret the sketch.

Check back later in the week to see my take on the Motivational Monday Sketch.



Tired of Watching Basketball? Try this Sketch

You can use 4-7 photos on this layoutAre you about basketball’ed out?  I know I am. The nice thing is I am not drawn to the television when the games are on and can get some much needed scrapbooking chores done. I took all the pages out of my albums and photographed them, then began sorting them into piles by child. I have always struggled with whether to scrap chronologically or by theme. When I was just beginning it was easy, everything went into the same album but here it is 15 years later and I have 4 kids, 12 grand kids not to mention the adventures of my husband and I.. then there are the genealogy pages and all the relatives… I get dizzy just thinking about it. I finally made a definitive decision.  I separated the piles by our children and their families. Each of those albums begin with the engagement photo of the couple and is usually followed by their wedding picture unless college graduation happened in between. I really like the D-Ring Albums for albums that I will add to consistently.  I will move the pages to a standard post album when I know there is nothing more I will be adding. If you have liked my Facebook Page, you would have seen me working with pages and organizing them this past weekend.

It gets a bit trickier when the pages have more than one family – this is one of the reasons I photographed each layout. The other reason is to have a copy of the page in case (GASP) there is a fire, flood etc. I know what the odds are, but considering my husband had a Corsair jet fly into his apartment (with his practice wife) and level the place, losing everything, I have to be prepared. Since he has nothing from his growing up days, I want to make sure my kids at least have pictures of the memories they have made.  I will talk a bit more about the photographing tomorrow, but for now… here is your sketch for the week.


Motivational Monday – 2 page sketch with 4 pictures

Enter the Contest with your finished layoutMotivation for a Monday – are you crashing from a sugar high following Valentine’s Day? Maybe it is wonderfully rich food with your sweetheart, or did you get flowers? If so, you can look at those lovely Valentine Day Roses for some wonderful color options for your scrapbook page. Here is a scrapbook page layout with a template for 4 photos, all 4″ x 4″.  I will post my take of this sketch later in the day but first I will have to find 4 pictures to use that will crop into a 4″ x 4″ without any problem

I told you a few weeks ago that Studio J was going to be retired, but while you still have the option, use it to get some great sized photos printed. That is what I am working on this week… before all the 12 x 12 photo paper runs out. Tomorrow I will post more about the photo printing using Studio J.

Please send or text (801-597-4896) me a picture of your layout, I would love to post your Motivational Monday layouts here.