A Funny Thing Happened When I Began to Shred

What to do before tossing taxesWith the beginning of a new year comes that clean out bug… and so I decided I could use that spot in the garage that held past tax envelopes .. like 1995!  But a funny thing happened when I opened the envelope and started looking at all the supporting documents. I found dates!  I knew I was only going to scan the tax document itself – I can’t truly toss them from my life as there is something about the Ghost of IRS Passed that seems to linger in the back of my mind. Anyway as I was saying. I found dates.  I found a check for a trip to Gold Beach for my youngest son’s basketball camp. I remember doing a scrapbook page about his camp, but I had never dated the layout or journaling. Now I have a clue as to when the camp was held and can add that to the page.

You never know where you will find details to help your scrapbooking and memory keeping. . Keep an open mind and your eyes wide open for hints that will complete the story you are trying to tell. Another hint is to date the back of your scrapbook pages so you can see your progress and style over the years.