Motivational Monday Scrapbook Sketch

As we embark on a new year of goals and challenges to motivate us into get our scrapbooking done, I will be posting a new sketch each week to challenge you. If you send me a copy of the scrapbook page you create from the sketch,  you will be entered into a drawing to win a free gift at the end of the month!  So here is this week’s sketch!

Scrapbook Page Map Template

The colors are only for distinction of placement NOT for the way they match ( or don’t match)   The bottom box on the right side page is a torn edge.  They grey box between the two photos is the piece of photograph you cut to make the square picture – presumably 4 x 4 = it is the leftover piece.

How does this scrapbook sketch make your feel? Do you feel your gaze going smoothly from left to right? Scrapbook sketches or templates are only meant to give you a starting point for your page – where will you take this motivation from here is up to you!

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