It Made Me Sad for Them

Andy Williams ChristmasAs I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day, they had Christmas music playing softly in the background. Good, old fashioned Christmas music I grew up with, not the new modern stuff. I started thinking about how kids today have no clue who Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Perry Como, or even Bing Crosby. Now this was Christmas Music!  My grandfather was a big music buff, with a pair of reel to reel tape machines front and center in the family room.  He could always be counted on for wonderful music to be played in the background of our holiday get-togethers. I will have to ask my kids, and grandkids what their favorite Christmas son is,. and who sings it. I wonder if I will even know who the vocalist is…

Wondering where I am going with this? Have you taken the time to scrapbook and journal about YOUR holiday memories as a child? If we don’t take the time while we still have the memory to record these special moments, will they be lost in the history of our family vacations and such?   I have a challenge for you today. take 10 minutes to sit and write about your favorite Christmas memory as a child. What gives you that sense of peace in your heart?  I know, it’s a week day, a school day, a day in your busy week where you don’t have the time to sit down and scrapbook the event. I get that. But take just 10 minutes for you (and later your family) to remember and feel the warmth. Then while you are having your morning break, write it down.

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