Studio J is Great for Printing Pictures

Sizes for printing Studio J PhotosHave you ever priced odd sized photographs to print?  It seems no one understands that a person who scrapbooks needs pictures in all shapes and sizes. While I was looking for the sketch of the week in Studio J, Close to my Heart’s digital scrapbook program, I learned there are some templates just for printing pictures.

You can print a 2 page layout of all 2 x 2 pictures, 3 x 3 photos, 3 x 4 photos, 4 x 4 photos. There is a layout that will do 6 x 8” with  4 x 6 “ 2- You can even manipulate the edges so you get custom sizes.  If you are as old as I am, then you probably have a bunch of Polaroid as well as regular prints. Since it has not been proven how long those photos will last, I scan the photo and I can shrink it, or I can crop and print only the part I really want.

I did some comparison pricing too,

  • Company #1  – 2 x 2 print, they only print the 2 x 2 square and leave the rest of the 4 x 6 paper blank at .83 per picture with 4.99 shipping

I will pick some pictures to print in this method and we will see together how they all will turn out.