Pigment Ink Differences

A question from Charlie: “I purchased acid-free stamping inks labeled “water-soluble pigment ink” for use on my scrapbook pages. A friend told me that water-soluble inks should not be used on scrapbook pages. Doesn’t pigment ink mean that it’s permanent? What is the difference between pigment ink and water-soluble ink?”

When evaluating scrapbook materials, the primary concern is whether a product is both photo-safe and archival. A photo-safe material will not accelerate normal photographic deterioration, while an archival material possesses qualities that make it long-lasting. Photo-safe, archival stamping inks should be pH-neutral and composed of pigment ink, which us fade-resistant. Close to my Heart inks meet this requirement.

Many stamping inks are not waterproof. If your page gets wet, the ink will bleed. However, you have to weigh the creative and practical advantages of using water-based stamping inks against the possibility of your pages getting wet.

Water-based ink saves on clean-up time and is much easier to remove from stamps. It is not a permanent ink because it will dissolve in water, but it is still a pigment ink, meaning that the color is fade-resistant and completely acid-free.

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