Looks Like I Have to Start Over!

We have talked about organizing before. I have showed you my room, talked about ways to organize different things and thought I had made considerable progress in my own scrapbook room. BOY WAS I WRONG!

My daughter, her husband and 4 sons have moved into our basement until they can find where they want to put all those very smart young men in school and buy a house. You see, all of them get straight A’s ALL THE TIME! I have no clue where they get their smarts because neither their parents, or any of their grandparents are anywhere close to having the analytical brains these boys have. It will be very interesting to watch as they grow and see where life takes them. Sorry, “Mema” gets a bit off topic when it comes to grandchildren.

As I was saying, I thought I was almost done with the project when my daughter Karen informed me that ALL her scrapbooking and crafting supplies were Organizing your Crafting Suppliescoming to my scrapbook room and will probably stay there since the only crafting time she gets is when she comes here. So today I begin incorporating her things into mine. As you can see from the picture, I have my work cut out for me. She already has a full time job so I will be tackling this myself…besides, she might make me throw something out!

Why am I sharing all this with you, you ask? It is because all the doubles will be sold off. So keep an eye on the blog and you may find some great deals on a variety of scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping supplies.

So tell me please, how would YOU tackle this problem? Where would you start? I look forward to hearing your comments on this situation.