Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island MemorialIt happened 37 years ago, and if you don’t remember this by hearing it all over the news then you learned about it in history class. Still the worst accident in the U.S. nuclear power industry, Three Mile Island’s pressure valve doesn’t , cooling water contaminated with radiation begins to drain into everything around it and the core is dangerously begins to overheat.

This is not unlike ourselves if you have ever left an open soda or a simple glass of water on  your scrapbook table. You think it is safe, and out of the way and then it happens… either you spill the soda or you realize the sweat from your glass is running into that cardstock you set aside for a few minutes. Whatever the disaster we get dangerously close to our own overheating point.  What is the worst disaster that has happened on your own scrapbook table? Leave a comment below and tell me your disaster and if anything you were able to do to save your project. How do you prevent this from happening now?

It is Motivational Monday so I have your motivation for the week in the form of a single page sketch with 2 – 4″ x 6″ photos and a big arrow journal box. I look forward to seeing your layouts.

Scrapbook Map for two photosEvery month I offer a drawing for all those that have taken the time to do your take on the Motivational Monday Sketch for a free gift. Very few people take advantage of this contest so your odds are pretty good! Send your layout to or you can take a picture and text it to 801-597-4896.

If you have any questions about this scrapbook sketch or any crafting help, just drop me a note and I am happy to help you!

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