Motivational Monday -San Diego State University Football

It’s Motivational Monday so are you ready for some motivation for your scrapbooks? Today’s sketch is taken from the Studio J files. Do you do any digital scrapbooking?  I know there are a lot of people that don’t have the time to scrapbook all their photos, but still want the ability to display their photos in a nice album. Studio J is just the ticket for those times. It is important to remember that Studio J is a limited time product and will be going away for good. If you have a project you want to do, you will want to get started soon because you only have until April to get things all finished.  If you need to be more hands on, and feel and cut your way to a scrapbook page, studio J can also help with layout planning. Take a created layout like the one I have here and then duplicate it in paper. I will talk more about Studio J later this week, but if you want to check it out a bit, I do have a couple videos you might like to watch

Now, what you come to Creatively Carol for on a Monday Morning… Motivational Monday Sketch!

Digital Scrapbooking - Fast and Fun

I look forward to seeing what you do with this sketch for yourself! Don’t forget to enter for a free stamp set by SEND ME THOSE PAGES! or text them to 801-597-4896. I hope this Motivational Monday scrapbook is a template you can use in your own scrapbook layouts.