Help Your Kids Keep a Journal

I wanted to share with you some thoughts after receiving an e-mail from a friend about their weekend. Here is an excerpt –

Keeping memories foreverOn Saturday, my family attended the annual Gleason Gras.  Gleason Gras is a charity event supporting former New Orleans Saints Safety, Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS six years ago.  (That’s a picture of John and Steve from Saturday)
Drew Brees, quarterback for the Saints, is a teammate of Steve’s, and a big supporter of the cause.  
At some point, he was throwing footballs to the attendees.  He saw John waving his hands for a pass… threw a perfect spiral in his direction… and John caught it!
My son caught a pass from a Superbowl Champion quarterback (and his NFL hero)!
It’s a memory he will have for the rest of his life, but here’s the thing…who will tell John’s children or grandchildren. What if John looses his memory, this moment in his life with ‘his hero” ? 
There is a very easy way to catch those memories for future generations with minimal effort. It’s called Pocket Scrapbooking!  All you have to do is slide your picture in the protector and have your child journal a line or two about the event.  Here are a couple of the journal cards to give you an idea of how easy it is to just get your child to do a couple sentences for the Picture my Life Scrapbooking.

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