Color Shading Using One Stamp

You want to get some depth perception in your stamped image, but don’t find too many 2 stamp sets anymore. Have no fear, I will show you how to create that shading using just one stamp, a sponge dauber and just a bit of time. Here we go: Creatively Carol Techniques

Step One:

Stamp a floral image in your desired base color and then clean the stamp.  Now re-Ink your stamp using the rocking technique in a slightly darker shade than the first colorso just the outside edges of the stamp get the ink. Carefully stamp over the previous image.


Step 2:How to color shade an image

After cleaning the stamp again, ink only the center of the flower using a sponge dauber using a darker, contrasting color and carefully stamp over previous images. with a sponge dauber. Use a tissue to wipe any ink you don’t want to show.

Leanring to Shade Flowers

Step 3:

Carefully stamp over previous image, Be sure to align the stamp correctly over the image so your end result is crisp and clear.


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