Different Adhesive Options for your Scrapbook

When looking for glue options for your scrapbook you have a plethora of options, it is easy to get confused or frustrated when trying to decide the best ones to choose. I said the best ones because there are different glue types for different purposes. When working with paper, you have to be careful with a liquid glue as it will warp the paper if too much is used.

A lot of times, a newbie to scrapbooking with grab glue sticks. The problem with glue sticks is that they don’t stay stuck! They are great for a kindergarten art class but for something that is going to withstand time and motion you need to use stronger, more effective adhesives.

If I am putting together a scrapbook page, I will use Close to my Heart’s Bonding Memories Glue. I like that I can stick what I am gluing straight down if I want it permanent, or wait a few seconds until the blue turns clear and have a repositionable adhesive. I hate things crooked, so having that option really helps. The nice thing here is even if I put something down as permanent, I can usually get it back up quickly if I haven’t pressed it thoroughly down. Just don’t pull it off, you will certainly tear your paper backing and curl it as well. Use a craft spatula with a beveled edge, or even dental floss to help loosen it first.

The Broad Tip Glue Pen is great for gluing your base layout pieces as well as your photos. When you apply it, the liquid is blue. If you want to have your glue be permanent, put together your page now, if you want your glue to be repositionable  (I always do this for photos) then let it dry to a clear, then attach.

Liquid Glass is a good option for a strong adhesive but requires you to hold parts together until they begin to dry. Another use for Liquid Glass is for use adding to accents or images for a glossy, glaze-like effect. There is even a fine tip applicator for those tiny sized needs.

Dual-Tip Multi-bond Glue Pen creates both permanent ( when used while wet) and removable bonds   (when used after it dries).  This glue goes on white but then dries clear.

Dual-tip Permanent Glue Pen is similar to the above mentioned multi-bond glue, but this is permanent, goes on clear and dries clear.

Adhesive Tape Runner is a permanent adhesive dot runner.  These don’t give you any chance to straighten your work if you laid something down incorrectly.

3-D Foam Dots for all your layering needs. You get two sizes in each package.  Sometimes I will layer them on top of each other to get more depth to a page. We also have 3-D tape, you just cut the size you want and is thicker than the dots.

And no discussion on adhesives without glue dots. They come in many sizes and thicknesses. “When I first started scrapbooking someone called the clear glue dots “glue buggers” because when they are rolled up on your finger it looks just like them.  We have all seen them used… remember when you received your last debit card and how it was stuck to the page? Yep…  I use these to attach small embellishments to the page.

The only adhesive I have left out is the red tape. It is an EXTREMELY sticky, double-sided tape. I only use something like this with micro-beads or when I make cardboard covers for my albums.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your favorite adhesive and why. You might even win a Bonding Memories Glue Pen from me!

Have You Heart the News about CTMH Cricut Cartridges?

Have you heard the news? All 13 of the Close To My Heart Cricut® collections, including the new Complete Creativity and some that have been retired for years, are now digitally available for purchase! I am so happy to be able to offer you access to every cartridge Close to my Heart has ever made. Whether you are looking for simple basics to Christmas to Complete Creativity you can get them all by clicking this link!

There has been some confusion around how to access these collections, so we’ve put together a quick tutorial below to show you how. If you’ve already figured it out on your own, skip to the bottom half of this post to see sample shapes and an artwork example for each collection.

**You will need a Cricut® machine that is Design Space compatible to digitally link your collections to your account. Any of the Explore models or the New Maker will do. If you already own some or all of the Close To My Heart collections in cartridge format, with the right cutting machine, you can link these collections digitally as well. Click here for a short video to learn how.  If you don’t currently have one of these machines let’s get a party date set up so you can earn one!!


To start, go to your Close To My Heart Consultant’s website. (If you do not have a Close To My Heart Consultant, visit us here and click on Find a Consultant to find one near you.) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and click on the green Cricut® button.

Look for the Cricut buttonClicking on this button will take you to the 13 Close To My Heart Cricut® collections, hosted on the Cricut® website.

Here you will find all the CTMH Cricut Cartridges

Choose the collection you want to purchase and click Add to Cart. Doing so will pull up a side bar with the items you’ve chosen to purchase. When you are ready to check out, you can either click on the small cart icon or the green Checkout button.  If you aren’t signed in to your Cricut® account already, you will be prompted to do so.

Make sure to use your Design Space account information to sign in and then continue the checkout process.

After purchasing any of the CTMH Cricut® collections, they will automatically populate in your Design Space account, along with your other shapes. Then the fun begins as you create beautiful layouts and cards.  If you haven’t bought a digital cartridge or linked a physical cartridge, when you start a new project you simply click on add image and then filter at the top right under “my cartridges” and there will be everything you own, including your just purchased Close to my Heart cartridges.


Each of the shapes in Design Space is given a name and assigned a number. If you click on a shape, for example the first shape of the collection shown above, this information will show up in place of the shape’s image.  If you are looking for one specific shape, and you know its Design Space name or number (including the “#” sign), you can use this information in the search bar to locate it. When we give out project “recipes” (a list of products used), either for our catalogs or on this blog, Cricut® shapes are referenced by the collection from which it comes and its shape number. The star shape above would then be:

Cricut® Shape:
Art Philosophy

Now that you know how to access all of our Close To My Heart Cricut® collections and shapes, Tomorrow we will start looking at each collection and discover what each of them have to offer!  If you can’t wait, and who could blame you, click here and check them out yourself now!


Pigment Ink Differences

A question from Charlie: “I purchased acid-free stamping inks labeled “water-soluble pigment ink” for use on my scrapbook pages. A friend told me that water-soluble inks should not be used on scrapbook pages. Doesn’t pigment ink mean that it’s permanent? What is the difference between pigment ink and water-soluble ink?”

When evaluating scrapbook materials, the primary concern is whether a product is both photo-safe and archival. A photo-safe material will not accelerate normal photographic deterioration, while an archival material possesses qualities that make it long-lasting. Photo-safe, archival stamping inks should be pH-neutral and composed of pigment ink, which us fade-resistant. Close to my Heart inks meet this requirement.

Many stamping inks are not waterproof. If your page gets wet, the ink will bleed. However, you have to weigh the creative and practical advantages of using water-based stamping inks against the possibility of your pages getting wet.

Water-based ink saves on clean-up time and is much easier to remove from stamps. It is not a permanent ink because it will dissolve in water, but it is still a pigment ink, meaning that the color is fade-resistant and completely acid-free.

35% OFF Alphabet Stamps

2019 marks 35 years since Founder & CEO Jeanette Lynton first started selling stamps, and to kick off the celebration Close to my Heart is giving you 35% off all of our alphabet stamps. Beginning today, we are kicking off 2019 with the Celebrate 35 Years special featuring alphabet stamp sets. Until the end of January, you can purchase alphabet stamp sets at 35% off the retail price. Alphabet stamp sets give you unlimited creative options for adding titles, sentiments, and other words to any project. Here is a list of the alphabet stamps included in this sale:

Great stamps for titles or posters

My Acrylix Solid Classroom Alphabet Set E1043

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 39 The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately 1¼” in height.

My Acrylix  Outline ClassroomAlphabet

My Acrylix Outline Classroom Alphabet Set E1043

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 39 stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately 1¼” in height.

CTMH My Acrylix Stitched Alphabet

My Acrylix Stitched Alphabet Set C1738

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 42 stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately 1″ in height.

CTMH Modern Typewriter Alphabet Set

My Acrylix Modern Typewriter Alphabet Set B1638

Regular Price:$10.95 Sale Price $7.12

Set of 67 stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is ¼” in height.

My Acrylix Brushed Alphabet Set E1041

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 45 stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately 1½” in height.

CTMH Morgan's Hand cursive alphabet stamp set

My Acrylix Morgan’s Hand Alphabet Set E1040

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 52 Stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately 1½” in height.

CTMH Erin's Hand Alphabet Stamp Set

My Acrylix Erin’s Hand Alphabet Set E1039

Regular Price:$31.95 Sale Price $20.77

Set of 90 stamps. The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately ¾” in height.

CTMH Simply Said Alphabet Set

My Acrylix Simply Said Alphabet Set C1725

Regular Price:$14.95 Sale Price $9.72

Set of 51, The tallest image in this stamp set is approximately ½” in height

These are amazing savings and a great opportunity to pick up a great stamp set or two. The Classroom Alphabet solid with the outline is a great way to get a beautiful two-tone stamp.

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite stamp set and how you use them,

Take Time to Record Your Thanksgiving Moments

Thanksgiving is over and you’ve made it through the first weekend in December. Now is a good time to get those Thanksgiving moments committed to paper so in the frenzy of the next several weeks you forget the little details like giving your two year old a turkey leg that seems bigger than she is!  The Close to my Heart paper pack like for this occasion is Greatful Heart (X7237B).  If you are not familiar with our paper packs, you get 12 sheets of paper ( two of each double sided sheet) which are the perfect thickness for your paper trimmer or your favorite cutting machine.

Tomorrow is Mojo Motivational Monday. This is where I post your scrapbook sketch challenge of the week and you can win prizes for sending me pictures of your creations I can post here to inspire others. I will create a sketch with lots of photo spots to catch all your Thanksgiving fun!

Leave me a comment below and share your funniest Thanksgiving story, or a tip you’ve found to get your holiday photos scrapped.


Make Your Holidays Shine

The NEW Close to my Heart Holiday Expressions 2018 is HERE!

While iCTMH Holiday Catalog 2018t may seem early, I love when the new Holiday Expressions comes out! Christmas is certainly my most favorite holiday to decorate and craft for and this catalog is no disappointment. We have five new paper packs with an additional “Seasons Mix In” with complimentary papers to round out all your paper packs. This is the first time I have seen a package like this and they have done a good job putting this paper pack together.

Introducing the Season Mix-Ins

Beautiful papers to mix with all the paper packsIntroducing our new Mix-in papers designed to coordinate with every other paper collection in this idea book, giving you added flexibility and creative freedom in all your crafting projects. Available in a pack of six 12″ x 12″ patterned paper sheets and a custom cardstock pack. To see these beautiful papers just click here.

Alternate Uses for Patterned Papers

I especially like the grey fence paper in the bottom left, perfect for masculine birthday cards and the blue watercolor just above it. I see so many possibilities with these papers, I look forward to sharing them with you in the next several months. I think it is always important to see what else can be created just by thinking a bit outside the box. What I mean is, just because it is a Christmas Paper Pack, it doesn’t mean it can only be used for Christmas. As you can imagine, I have a LOT of patterned paper and I really want to use it.

As a result of having so much paper, I am bringing back Throwback Thursday. I will be creating with older paper packs and some older colors that are no longer available. I am happy to sell these colors if someone is looking for a specific color or falls in love with an older one. I am also going to use some older stamp sets. These will be for sale here on the website as well.

This Holiday Expressions Idea Book also brings us a new medium to Close to my Heart, texture paste. I used this any years ago at a Creating Keepsakes crop I attended with my daughter and it is lots of fun. I look forward to sharing those ideas with you soon.

There is also a new Cricut digital collection for Christmas!

Get Your Own Copy of Holiday Expressions
New Cricut Christmas Cartridge

If you would like your own copy of the Close to my Heart Holiday Expressions 2018 Catalog, drop me a note. I would be happy to send you one. One thing though ~ please include your phone number so I can give you a call a few days after you receive it to help you get your items ordered. Buying and sending catalogs can get costly, but I don’t mind if you are thinking there will be things you would like.  This is also a great way to start your Christmas list. After Thanksgiving I will start making calls to people on your list you would like to give you Close to my Heart products.  Don’t worry, they are usually very happy to hear from me as they are stumped on what you really want for Christmas or Hanukkah.


The Perfect Gift for Mom, Friends and CoWorkers

The perfect gift for any occasion!Whether you need a gift for your mom, your bestie or even your co-workers Close to my Heart has put together the perfect package because you know… it’s the little things that tug at your heart.

This month only, we are offering the Mini-Album Package and it is LESS THAN $20 bucks and you have options too! Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift idea or a treasured keepsake, these mini albums are fast and easy . You can choose to fill it with pictures, or leave that to your recipient either way they are sure to be a winner.  I told you that this offer came with choices so let me tell you about them!

Blue Jean Mini-Album Bundle comes with Perfect for the Guys in your life!

  • 1 – Instalife™ Blue Jean Album
    1 – pack of #Life™ Enjoy cards (40 cards total)
    1 – pack of #Life™ Black overlays(16 overlays total)
    1 – pack of mini 4″ × 4″ Memory Protectors™ (10 protectors)
    1 – pack of mini 2″ × 2″ Memory Protectors™ (10 protectors)

This would normally cost you $27.75, but since that is over that $20 limit you set for yourself, we have reduced the price  to $18.95 through Dec 31, 2016.


Blush Mini Album BundlePerfect For the Girly Girls

1– Instalife™ Blush album
1 – pack of #Life™ Hello Gorgeous cards (40 cards total)
1 – pack of #Life™ gold overlays(16 overlays total)
1 – pack of mini 4″ × 4″ Memory Protectors™ (10 protectors)
1 – pack of mini  2″ × 2″ Memory Protectors™ (10 protectors)


Available in 3 sizesAdventure Mini Album Bundle (6″ × 8″ Memory Protectors™)

  • 1 – Everyday Life™ stripes mini album
  • 1 – pack of My Crush® Adventure Calls 3-ring hole-punched decorative pages (30 total)
  • 1 – pack of 6″ × 8″ mini Memory Protectors™ (10 total)

Adventure Mini Album Bundle (4″ × 6″ Memory Protectors™)

  • 1 – Everyday Life™ stripes mini album
  • 1 – pack of My Crush® Adventure Calls 3-ring hole-punched decorative pages (30 total)
  • 1 – pack of 4″ × 6″ mini Memory Protectors™ (10 total)

Adventure Mini Album Bundle (3″ × 4″ Memory Protectors™) works in all size mini-albums

  • 1 – Everyday Life™ stripes mini album
  • 1 – pack of My Crush® Adventure Calls 3-ring hole-punched decorative pages (30 total)
  • 1 – pack of 3″ × 4″ mini Memory Protectors™ (10 total)

****This size is perfect to put all the kids school pictures for grandma****

And to top off this great deal, Close to my Heart has found the perfect place to get your perfectly sized photos. Come back tomorrow and read all about Persnickety Prints.



The Most Important Scrapbook Tool

Paper Trimmer made by FiskersIf I can share with you one tip above all others, invest in a good paper trimmer! I am talking about a full 12 x 12 minimum size. Not something that only trims papers, or a paper cutter, but a normal paper trimmer like Fiskers SureCut Paper Trimmer (Z1783). While it seems like a hefty price at 34.95, you can take a craft store coupon and get one for less. You will find this tool indispensable. Did you know you can also use it to score your cardstock?
There are two ways to accomplish this, purchase the scoring blade (Z1785) or remove the blade and place your cardstock in as you would if you were cutting, then using your bone folder or a dry embossing tip, gently run down the cut line. This is a great tip when you want to score the entire 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.

The Versatility of City Sidewalks

The images can be used all year long!City Sidewalks can be a very versatile, Here is a card inspired by a snow globe. Using Cricut Design Space basic shapes to cut the snow globe (circle) and base (triangle). The remaining images are from City Sidewalks. To make the card more dimensional without getting too thick to mail, I used the thin 3D foam tape.

The City Sidewalks cartridge has lots of great Christmas images that mix tradition with whimsy. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing a few more projects using the City Sidewalks Paper Pack and Cricut Digital cartridge on my Facebook Page.  Here’s a look at everything you get on this “virtual” cartridge:

Here are the images on the City Sidewalks Digital Cartridge

Many of these images can really be used all year long,Also, keep in mind that this “cartridge” is only available through December 31 and you can buy yours here.

**Note that the City Sidewalks is a virtual cartridge and must be downloaded. This means it will only work machines that use Design Space (all variations of the Explore).

What Are You Crafting Today?

not just for Christmas Paper
CTMH City Sidewalks Paper Pack

I love Saturdays… my husband has college football on the television and I am upstairs and working on the project for my Nov 30th workshop. I am making a Countdown to Christmas block calendar with our City Sidewalks paper from the Holiday Expressions Catalog. These papers are so versatile, yes they work great for Christmas but the other papers will work well for so may other pages. I will be using this paper pack all month to show you the variety of ways they can be used.

The blue and white paper with dots can be used for anything including baby boys or anyone that loves the Glacier color.

While the red crosshatch pattern is the perfect background for your Christmas cards, since it is a primary color it works great for young children’s birthday and the backside is a word search page!  If you start searching for words you will find snowflakes, city sidewalks, Rudolph and more but still a great background paper for anytime of year.

And while I would probably use the red chains paper for Christmas the reverse is dots in a chain of Peacock and Lagoon which are both blues on a Willow green background – another good paper for kids that like primary colors.

I think my personal favorite of these papers is the Peacock background with trees of Willow green, Glacier blue and Whisper grey. I love the contrast of these colors and will keep them in mind for their own scrapbook layout in the future.

I need to get back to creating this Countdown to Christmas project, but check my Facebook page later today to see the finished product.


Get Your Coloring Fix with Yuletide Joy

Happy October!  While our minds are on scary things like costumes and candy it is also time to start thinking about those handmade cards and gifts for Christmas.  I know, I said the “C” word, but I would say it now, than have you regret it later.

Christmas Coloring Stamp
Yuletide Joy Stamp Set

Yuletide Joy is October 2016 Stamp of the Month. For 30 days only, you can see this stamp set up close and even purchase this stamp set for either $17.95 or $5.00 by clicking here.

Check out my Facebook Page for the artwork done with this beautiful stamp set. I look forward to sharing more with you through out the month.

Leave me a comment below and tell me if you like to make Christmas Cards and if you are planning to this year.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

October is National Stamping Month and Close to my Heart have a wonderful promotion for you.  Here is a little video:

I know what you are thinking… but this kit comes with pre-printed bases and all the pieces are already cut for you so even if you think you can’t…think again!  I will even do a video to show you how easy it is.  I know you can do this, but it is only available for the month of September so don’t wait.

Visit my website to get your own Create Kindness card kit. The kit comes with everything you need to create a set of 24 adorable cards, including 8 exclusive stamp sets, a block, the ink, pre-printed card bases ( you can even order extra of these)! Even the circles are already cut out for you.

Top everything off at a 15% discount over the retail price at $46.95.  You’re thinking you don’t need the ink or the block, but look how this breaks down if you buy everything separately.

24 card bases, circles and envelopes                         $9.95

2″ x 2″ Acrylic Block                                                     $6.95

Ink Pad                                                                            $2.50 (if you could buy it)

Mini-Stamp Box                                                            $12.95

For a total of   $55.95   now take away the block and ink and you are still paying $46.50! Toss in an alcoholic marker for $5.95 and you qualify for the Blessed Beyond Measure for just $5.

Now you have saved yourself $19.99 and received 27 stamps, 24 bases, envelopes and circles, a 2″ x 2″ acrylic block, an archival black ink pad, and a nice box to keep things in!  An excellent deal for sure and just think of the smiles you can bring to your friends and family!

Here’s the link for the entire Creating Kindness Card Kit.  Create a little more kindness in the world, because kindness changes everything.

Blessed Beyond Measure

Gratitude Faithful Blessed StampsBlessed Beyond Measure is a beautiful stamp set as you can see by thiClose to my Heart Stamp of the Months artwork. You can see the outline of the leaves that can be cut with the Cricut® Artbooking collection (Z3196).   I love the sayings in this stamp set and having them being individual stamps makes them interchangeable. Why not add some depth by embossing the leaves before stamping them. Watch my Facebook page for more artwork through out the month.

Spend $50 and get this Stamp of the Month set for just $5. Each month you can purchase a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5. When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

S1609, set of 19. Recommended Blocks:
1″ × 1″ (Y1000)
1″ × 3½” (Y1002)
2″ × 2″ (Y1003)
2″ × 3½” (Y1009)

You can order your own set here.



Motivational Monday Sketch for a 4 x 4 Photo

You can add more photos to this layout

Whether your style is a one page layout or a two page layout, you will always find sketches here at Creatively Carol that you can use.  In this layout I have included the picture sizes, and you can add the extra size to the matte as your personal style dictates.  If you like to work with sketches, but prefer to have cutting directions. I would like to suggest “Cherish” by Jeanette Lynton and put out by CLOSE TO MY HEART.  As we start to think about Christmas, This awesome book makes a great gift and is available for just $14.95 in the soft cover form.  This is much better than hardbound because with a spiral edge you can flip the book and only see what you are working on.

Cherish Scrapbooking How to Book by Close to my HeartJust click here to order your copy of this book to order today!

You will be making beautiful scrapbook layouts in just a few minutes!


I offer a monthly drawing when you do the weekly sketch and send me a copy to post for others to derive inspiration. Please send your layouts to 801-597-4896 or Contest@CreativelyCarol.com

Time to get motivated and do the sketch!

Flash Sales for June!

NewDon't you love CTMH Sales!s Flash!

 During the month of June, we’re offering great deals on bundles of discounted Close To My Heart products every weekend! Click here to see bundles still available.  There is lots to choose from, but you’ll need to snatch them up quick, because they’re only available through the end of the month, while supplies last! Bundles are available at various discount levels and price points , so check often to see the new offerings. Remember, these discounts won’t last forever, and some will be gone in a flash, so act quickly to score the best deals!